Let me be honest for a moment: I live in scary times.  Yes, I said it. It is a scary time in the world.  Regardless of which news channel you turn to, there is another explosion, bombing, murder, well you can see where I am going with this.  The world is not a safe place, nor are our states, towns, or countries.  There is a great deal of unrest.

But, there are times when one can find a ray of hope.  A small gesture that can turn the world around. Whether it is a smile, a laugh, or simply holding the door open for someone behind you.

I see a great deal of hate, anger, and fear around many issues on social media.  It does not mean that one should not be worried.  It does mean that one should not be angry at the things they cannot control.  I am not saying that we cannot be angry for events that happened.  One could be angry because of innocent lives lost.  Children that will never know the joy of walking down the aisle at their wedding; families who will say goodbye to a loved one to soon.  Those are the things to be angry at.  If someone takes up two (2) parking spots in a lot, why be angry? No one was harmed. Or the cook at a restaurant screwed up your order: you were able to afford to go out to eat.

Anger is a strong emotion. Fear feeds anger, anger feeds hate. It is part of the human nature to be fearful of what one does not know.  But, that is one of the only true statements we, as humans, can make.  We simply do not know.  In the movie Thirteen Days, there is a scene towards the end where they are waiting to see a nuclear bomb will launch.  Kenny O’Donnell (character) stated that: “If the sun comes up tomorrow, it is only because of men of good will. That is all there is between us and the devil.”

I am not advocating that anyone is the devil, so please do not take it that way.  I am simply implying that the concept of a men/women of good will is becoming more rare.   Instead, I challenge each of you, along with my self and my family, to be the men/women of good will.  Do something nice for a stranger, say hello, hold a door. Be the kindness that the world needs.  Be the hope for humanity that we all need, especially in the days ahead.  The world is filled with bad news; find the happiness in the small details.

Will you take on the challenge?


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