Live in Harmony

Today is Earth Day in United States! For some cities, there are parades planned, along with numerous clean up events. Some cities have a 5K walk/run planned, and others are simply acknowledging that today is Earth Day. Untitled design Regardless of where we call home, Earth is OUR home.  It is the only place, that we know of, that can support the human and animal race.  It provides us with air, water, and sunlight.  But are we living in harmony with this wonderful planet, or are we just living?

Some question if Global Warming is really happening, which I am not going to debate here.  Many cities have to alter the citizens of air quality and when it might not be safe to go outside.  For the record, I am not advocating one or another. I am simply writing what is on my mind.

One of the “spokes” on the Eight Fold Path is Mindfulness.  Essentially, Mindfulness means being aware of the present moment at all times.  With today being Earth Day, I feel it would be best to see how one can be mindful of their life in terms of Earth day.

For me, it means being careful with that I do. I do not litter, nor do I let it sit on the road.  I try my hardest to eliminate my carbon footprint.  But, I am a flawed human.  Mistakes happen; life happens.  Basically, I have one planet that I call home.  I share it will billions of others.  This is the only place that we all call home.  It is all that we have.  While Avatar had the planet of Pandora, we have not found that yet.

So today, and in the following days, I challenge each member of the human race to be more mindful of how we can protect this place that we all call home.  Pick up litter, recycle more, and genuinely enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset each day.  Since it means that we have enjoyed one more rotation on the axis.

Happy Earth Day!


2 thoughts on “Live in Harmony

  1. I suppose it would be hard to prove global warming is responsible, but the Glaciers in Retreat I posted about for the Weekly Photo Challenge does seem troubling. Please let me know what you think if you care to have a look.


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