2017 Kindness Challenge

With the internet being a vast pool of knowledge, there is always some type of challenge going on.  Normally, I find the yoga challenges on Instagram and watch as my attempts to become more flexible end in an epic fail.

There is a challenge done by Niki over  at The Richness of a Simple Life.  Basically, the 2017 Kindness Challenge is a journey into self-discovery.  It will cover 7 weeks, and provides a way for people to seek within themselves.  For me, I am all for this! Any chance I have to learn more about myself is a plus.

What are my intentions for this challenge? To grow as a person, obviously.  But also do look deep within myself and ask some of the often difficult questions. The answers will be real, possible unfiltered.  But as you can tell, I am real.  I might try to word things nicely, yet the pain can often be seen.  Along with the true joy and love for the moment!

I look forward to reading what others have also found within themselves!


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