Curve Balls and Vodka

The traditional dream follows this pattern:

  1. Go to college
  2. Find the love of your life
  3. Plan the perfect princess fairy-tale wedding
  4. Go on a Honeymoon to some exotic location
  5. Start your life together in a gorgeous house with a white picket fence
  6. Have a job that you love more than you thought and the pay is out of this world
  7. Have children who never fight
  8. Get a dog (or a cat)
  9. Repeat

Sure, that is perfect! Except that I do live in a reality of the curve balls. It is the bottom of the ninth and the bases are loaded. The game is so close, only separated by one point. I’m the pitcher and it is up to me to strike the batter out. First pitch and it’s a home run.  We lose. Now apply it to life and you seem to have mine 🙂

I am not complaining though! If life was perfect, there would be no chance to grow and improve. To discover you are stronger than you thought.  However, sometimes the curve balls come at the most inopportune time.  Say, you have just purchased a vehicle and find out your job is no longer needed. Panic right?

For some, and myself, yes! The first few days after letting the news sink in that I did not have a job to return to after almost five years were difficult.  There were tears, lots of tears! I was able to take some time to really think about things and approach the curve ball with a new perspective.  I was calmer.  Sleep was a something I enjoyed.  I did NOT need to set an alarm clock.  Well, I should say physically set one.  I do have three dogs who make up the puppy brigade. They are very persistent that 5:00AM is the ONLY time that they can go to the bathroom.  After that many years, old habits die-hard 🙂 But that is not the point.

My curve ball has turned into a home run.  See, I always wanted to go into the healthcare field. The problem: the timing was never right.  Now, there is nothing holding me back. I am able to pursue the passion.  There is something wonderful about helping those that need you the most.  I did not always see it that way.  Many only see the dollar signs that can be found in this field.  After caring for my father, there is more to it.  It is about being there for someone. For helping them when they need it most. Being a smile in a sometimes difficult part of life.

Instead of taking my curve ball and complaining that life isn’t fair, I decided to make it my home run.  Sure, it sucks not having the same pay right now. But we are okay. Our heads are still above water, and we have a home, electricity, and food.  That is all that matters. My heart feels full and excited about the new adventure. I do not know exactly what to expect since my graduate work is in an opposite field: Religion/Theology and Business Administration.

That is the beauty of life though. We never know what to expect the next day. We simply hope for the best. However, if life decides to hand you a curve ball, there is always vodka to make an awesome lemonade!

What about you? Have you overcome the curve balls that have been thrown at you? Was it difficult? Do you feel that you made the right decision about deciding which path to pursue? I still have a long path to follow, but I am enjoying the journey with a new-found appreciation!


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