Temporary Feelings

Joy, fear, bliss, sadness.  All of these feelings come and go in our lives at one point or another.  The key, is how does one react to the temporary feelings? We can feed into them, or we can react differently.  But, being the flawed humans we are, it is not an easy task.  What I have found, however, has brought me some type of peace in all situations.

Image result for e buddhism quotesLife is filled with uncertainty.  This is something I am sure of.  Everything is impermanent.  It is in motion, constantly changing.  Our cells regenerate, thus, we are literally NOT the same person we were five minutes ago.

Being that life is temporary, how do the reactions of ourselves to emotions affect us? We can be like the ocean, ebb and flow with the waves of life.  As I have stated in a previous post, who knows what is good and what is bad? The feelings of life that can consume us in the moment, it is best t remember that it is temporary.  The feelings of sadness, grief, and pain will always pass.  The feelings of joy, bliss, happiness, and love will also pass.  But what we decide to do with them is up to us.  We can cling to the memories and moments that brought us joy.  Even though we try to forget the feelings and moments of pain, we also should hold onto them.  The moments that have tested our very being are what help to grow us.  Yet, it is also temporary!

What about you? Do you believe that the feelings of life are temporary? Certain feelings and moments stay with us.  Our choice to hold on to the anger or sadness  is what we can make.  Do you hold onto moments, or have you accepted them and moved on? Life is a journey and each walk our own path. But, we do not ever walk alone, because of friends.



Curve Balls and Vodka

The traditional dream follows this pattern:

  1. Go to college
  2. Find the love of your life
  3. Plan the perfect princess fairy-tale wedding
  4. Go on a Honeymoon to some exotic location
  5. Start your life together in a gorgeous house with a white picket fence
  6. Have a job that you love more than you thought and the pay is out of this world
  7. Have children who never fight
  8. Get a dog (or a cat)
  9. Repeat

Sure, that is perfect! Except that I do live in a reality of the curve balls. It is the bottom of the ninth and the bases are loaded. The game is so close, only separated by one point. I’m the pitcher and it is up to me to strike the batter out. First pitch and it’s a home run.  We lose. Now apply it to life and you seem to have mine 🙂

I am not complaining though! If life was perfect, there would be no chance to grow and improve. To discover you are stronger than you thought.  However, sometimes the curve balls come at the most inopportune time.  Say, you have just purchased a vehicle and find out your job is no longer needed. Panic right?

For some, and myself, yes! The first few days after letting the news sink in that I did not have a job to return to after almost five years were difficult.  There were tears, lots of tears! I was able to take some time to really think about things and approach the curve ball with a new perspective.  I was calmer.  Sleep was a something I enjoyed.  I did NOT need to set an alarm clock.  Well, I should say physically set one.  I do have three dogs who make up the puppy brigade. They are very persistent that 5:00AM is the ONLY time that they can go to the bathroom.  After that many years, old habits die-hard 🙂 But that is not the point.

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No Control

Do you ever feel like your life is spinning out of control? For me, I am there. Not even in orbit of how life was “supposed” to go.  Instead, I am grasping for a rope to pull me out… Or so I thought.

I have found that there are to many things beyond my control.  I cannot control how others feel, nor can I control their actions.  I cannot control what happens to me, per say.  But I can control how I react to the events around me.  If I chose to focus on the bad, that is all I see. By shifting my focus to something that is positive, I can also see that.  Right now, life is a little chaotic.  It is not predictable.  It also does not fit into my pre-designed plan.  But, it is my life to plan.  One that I do enjoy and one that I hope will work out for the better.

Control is something we all seek.  But by being able to walk away from the desire to dictate ever moment, one can experience a sense of freedom.  By letting things happen simply as they will, life is not as difficult.  There might be set backs, yet it is a small stone in a much larger river.

How about you? Do you let the setbacks stop you from crossing the river, or do you find a way across?


Root[ed] Deep

Looking out my window, I am greeted by an old Oak tree.  It has been here for years, this I am certain.  The stories it could tell, the people it has seen, are more than I can fathom.  This tree has withstood the brutal Minnesota winters.  It has seen harsh windstorms and straight-line winds.  It has handled a vehicle running into it, horses, and everything else life has thrown at it.  But through it all, it still stands strong.

The reason for the strength of this incredibly old tree: its roots.  These roots must travel many feet into the ground, through a complex network.  It is able to take a firm hold, without given away.  The roots can be intertwined with one another, yet separate in their identity.

For me, my roots run deep.  Yes, I have my beginning with my parents. But from there, my roots have been mine to grow.  I have a small, yet close extended family.  While we may be hundreds of miles apart, we are also close together.  Another factor for my roots can be found within my friends. I have made friends who have lasted a lifetime. Some came into my life through work, some from being a mom, and some from happen-stance.  But, what does it mean to have roots?

Image result for tree of lifePersonally, it means I know that I have a solid foundation on which to stand.  Regardless of what I need, I know that they will be there.  If I did not have roots, how would I know who I am? I guess that is the universal question we are all trying to answer.  So, who am I?

I am a mother, wife, daughter, friend, and a unique individual.  I know that I love cupcakes more than cake.  I know that I have a belief in something higher than myself, yet have not decided what it is.  I know that I feel all life is sacred.  I have a respect for those who are older than myself. For their life experiences and wisdom is something I can always learn from.  I know that I have work to do to improve and be a better version of myself.  I know that when the struggle is hard, my roots will bring me towards the right decision.  They also allow for me to know and trust myself.

How about you? Do you value your roots run deep? Do you know where the foundation of your being lies?




Connected To All

In Avatar, there is a Tree of Souls that connects Eywa to all life on Pandora. It is a beautiful willow-tree style, that has the ability to see all, and hear all, according to the Na’vi. This tree also allows the Na’vi to have contact with Eywa. More or less in a nutshell. The movie is slightly confusing.

Image result for tree of souls avatar

Tree of Souls, Avatar 

In our lives, we are connected to the news as it happens via the Internet.  One no longer has to wait until the 6:00 PM news to find out what happened in the world.  Rather, we are able to see events as they unfold.  Often times, this can be uncensored, yet it is how the world has progressed.

We are all connected to so many things, but that is just it. They are things. We love our cellphones, gaming systems, iPods, ect. They provide us with a world outside of our world.  Panic sets in if one of the devices is missing. Did I lose it? Where did I put it? Oh my gosh! I ran over it in the snow… The list goes on.

While I do appreciate the things that technology has given us, sometimes I wonder why?  Sure, my family is spread out throughout the United States.  Facebook has given us a way to be connected in the moment, even though we cannot physically be there.  I have been able to watch my younger family members grow up, go to band concerts, dances, etc.  It is something that I would not trade for the world!

But social media, and technology, also has its disadvantages.  Cyber bullying is at an all time high.  Messages can be sent and then disappear thanks to SnapChat.  Through all of the interconnectedness (not sure if that is a word) it appears we are also growing farther apart.  I do miss the days of receiving a handwritten letter.  Instead, I will settle for a text message from a friend saying I miss you.  Why? Because even though it isn’t written by hand, it is written with the thought of letting me know that I matter to them.

How about you? Has the advancement in technology allowed you to become closer to those you love, or has it driven you farther apart?




Nothin’ But A Good Time

Poisons’ lyrics go:

I’m always workin’ slavin’ every day
Gotta get a break from that same old same old
I need a chance just to get away
If you could hear me think this is what I’d say

Work is a part of life, it is something that as adults, it is part of life. Work can be fun, it can be challenging, it can be mundane.  I wonder if it is really Nothin’ But A Good Time?

DSCN0704Sure, it can be a good time, but for me, a good time can take many forms.

 A family trip to the ocean, can lead to many memories. Some I treasure forever, as it was our last family vacation with my father.  Other good times involve the many hours in a car during hockey season.  The days can be long, the roads treacherous at times, but as always, we make it a good time.  A dedicated playlist to hockey road trips can keep it fun.

Other times, it is watching the sunset after a day IMG_4116of working outside. Fishing with friends, off the boat landing.  Simply watching the bobber float in the current.  The water can be still or rolling waves.  Slowly a dragonfly lands on the line and life is peaceful.  Just a good time.  The only care is if the fish, or turtle, ate the bait.

A good time can be a party with lots of friends.  Loud music, lots of alcohol, well, you get the picture.  Or, it is a small gather around a bonfire.  The cool summer nights, light breeze, and hopefully no mosquitoes.  It provides the perfect chance to unwind and get lost in the flame.  The quiet, yet loud, crackle of the logs slowly burning. Many stories have been shared with others over the traditional summer bonfire.  One can also gain valuable revelations about themselves by simply sitting and being.

Depending on what stage of live someone is in, a good time can take many forms.  For me, I would rather relax with a fishing line in a stream or watching a fire burn with close friends.  Life is what you make it.  A good time can be found anywhere, as long as your heart is happy.

How about you? What do you feel is Nothin’ but a Good Time?